To meet the demands of growing business, Dr. Seema Sheth requested a re-design of her website: It wasn’t a matter of simply a visual facelift, but rather a thorough audit of every piece of information that was on the site. We worked directly with Dr. Sheth to understand her business and discover the the ideal strategy that would align best with her business goals. From removing unnecessary information, creating original content, implementing SEO best practices, to integration of social media platforms. Everything on the website needed to function in unison in order to provide the best user experience for her clients.


Once strategy is determined, we began putting together a rough outline of how the content would flow. The wireframes are created to visualize the layout.


A mockup is created with sample content to help visualize the final product.

The actual website was developed using Squarespace as it allows easy website management for Dr. Seema and her staff. This cost effective solution ensures that unnecessary money is not spend on site management but rather invested on content creation.